Cultural Stigmas on Mental Health

1 in 5 teens have a mental health illness

Mental Health is a real thing that is very important,especially in teens. Around the adolescents age, alot is happening. This is very overwhelming and can lead to mental illness. Now-a-days, the cultural perception on seeing a counselor or seeking help holds many opinons. This causes people to not want to go see a counselor. People who are fortunate enough to not have ever felt hopeless or just down have a very long time just do not know the feeling. It's not a feeling you can decribe either becuase you won't know unless you have felt the feeling. The fact is that that people's feelings of depression,anxiety and more is real and needs professional help.

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Ways to Reduce Stigmas on Mental Health

Here is a list of ways to reduce stigmas regarding Mental Health

  1. Know the facts. Educate yourself about mental illness including substance use disorders.
  2. Be aware of your attitudes and behaviour. Examine your own judgmental thinking, reinforced by upbringing and society.
  3. Choose your words carefully. The way we speak can affect the attitudes of others.
  4. Educate others. Pass on facts and positive attitudes; challenge myths and stereotypes.
  5. Focus on the positive. Mental illness, including addictions, are only part of anyone's larger picture.
  6. Support people. Treat everyone with dignity and respect; offer support and encouragement.
  7. Include everyone. It's against the law to deny jobs or services to anyone with these health issues.


  1. In order for us to reduce sucicide rates we must stop discriminating and stigmatizing mental health.
  2. In order for us to make sure everyone with a mental health issue gets proper treatment, we have to realize it is just as important as physical health and stop putting it in a box.
  3. We need to educate parents so that they stop thinking their children just wants attention.That way, not only will the child feel comfortable going to the parent, but the parent can help.
  4. More ways to help children's mental health

When we do this, we are taking action! We can and will reduce mental illness rates in adolescents by educating not only just parents,but students too, the signs/symptoms of mental illness.